Static Steel Bunded Diesel Tank - 1500 Litre Capacity

Product Code: DIS.1500
Manufacturer: Atlantis

Robust steel construction ensures...

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  • Robust steel construction ensures a long lifespan and is able to withstand accidental scrapes from onsite machinery and extreme outdoor conditions
  • Bunded ‘tank within a tank’ design protects the diesel and stops it from seeping into the surrounding environment
  • Outer tank provides secondary containment should the inner tank fail with capacity for 110% of the primary tank’s capacity
  • Lockable cabinet (swing door) to reduce the risk of your fuel being stolen
  • 2” fill point inside cabinet, c/w lever ball valve & non-return valve
  • 2″ bund to atmosphere vent
  • Tank to bund vent
  • 5″ bund gauge port
  • 5″ port for alarm probe c/w overfill alarm (battery-powered) to detect and warn of a tank overfill
  • 5″ port for a gauge c/w clock face contents gauge (housed under steel box for security) so you can easily monitor the amount of diesel inside the tank
  • Mounted on bearers (full width) to keep the tank off the ground and prevent a potential corrosion point
  • Manufactured in accordance with BS799 pt5
  • 10 year warranty (covers manufacturing defects only)
  • Small tin of “touch-up” paint is included for application should any scratches occur

Suitable for the safe storage of both derv (white diesel) or gas oil (red diesel), our extensive range of static steel bunded diesel tanks are used in agricultural, construction and industrial environments.

The bunded tank design provides you with peace of mind should the inner tank split. A bunded design offers enhanced protection for the oil and surrounding area as the inner tank holds the oil, while the outer bund provides secondary containment in the unlikely event of the inner tank failing.

The outer bund retains the contents by carrying a minimum 110% of the primary tank’s capacity to safeguard the immediate vicinity from costly diesel spillages. The effects of oil spills can have wide ranging impacts including harming human health and causing serious environmental damage to waterways, soils, plants and wildlife.

The tank is mounted on full width bearers to keep the tank from the ground where it could potentially create a corrosion point, therefore allowing for ventilation and ensuring the base is kept dry.

The lockable cabinet affords easy access to the tank and provides an additional security element alongside the strong steel material used in the tank’s construction. A well-designed steel tank is extremely hard to break into and reduces the risk of your fuel being stolen.

All sizes in our range come complete with a clock face contents gauge to monitor the level of your tank’s contents and an overfill alarm that alerts you if the tank has been, or is in danger of being filled beyond its capacity.

Please Note: All images that feature a pump are for illustration purposes only and are NOT included with this product. All static steel bunded diesel tanks are supplied with a 10-year warranty to cover manufacturing defects only. 


Suitable for a wide range of uses, our Static Steel Bunded Diesel Tank are commonly used for:

  • Transport and logistics companies requiring onsite fuel storage
  • Storing red or white diesel in agricultural areas
  • Feeding back-up generators to power hospitals and city councils for emergency electricity
  • Refuelling forklifts or powering construction sites


Tank Specifications

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Delivery Information

What is the delivery cost for this tank?

The price of this tank includes FREE delivery to UK mainland addresses (exclusions apply).

For Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands and Islands, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Scilly Isles and Channel Islands, there will be an additional charge, please contact us for a quote. We always ensure that we provide our customers with a competitive delivery price, wherever you may be located, using carriers with local knowledge and expertise.

How long will it take for my tank to arrive?

You can specify a delivery date using the "Delivery Date" option above. This gives you the flexibility to choose a suitable delivery date and plan ahead for the arrival of the tank. For example, if you want to place an order today for delivery in 3 weeks time, you can select the delivery date above and we will schedule the delivery accordingly.

Deliveries are made between 8am - 4pm on the specified delivery date, Monday-Friday excluding bank holidays. All deliveries will require a signature. 

We always have high levels of stock available but on some occasions, we may not be able to deliver on your specified day, we will contact you immediately if this is the case with an alternative delivery date.

How will the tank be delivered to my address?

Our standard delivery is via a pallet delivery service. Deliveries will be made to the "kerb-side" of your delivery address using a tail lift which lowers the tank to the ground level from the delivery vehicle.

Alternative delivery options can be arranged, please call our sales team to discuss your requirements.

My property is located in an area with restricted access, will you be able to deliver to my address?

If there is restricted access at your location, we are able to arrange delivery using specific vehicles designed for areas with, for example, low bridges or narrow access roads. Please call our sales team to discuss your requirements.

Can the tank be moved to the exact location I need?

As deliveries will be made to the "kerb-side" of your delivery address, you will be responsible for moving the tank to the desired location on your property.

Installation - OFTEC Requirements

Who are OFTEC?

OFTEC establishes the standards for competence within the domestic oil heating and cooking industry. By ensuring the quality of people and businesses working in this area, OFTEC maintains standards for reputable companies and consumers alike.

What is an OFTEC approved installer/engineer?

They are a trained and approved competent person who is approved by OFTEC to install and service domestic and commercial oil tanks. Your oil tank must be installed by an OFTEC engineer and to maintain the 10 year warranty the tank must be inspected every year.

Tank location - OFTEC guidelines

Oil tanks are required to comply with fire separation distances in order to adequately protect the stored fuel from a fire or heat source, that may originate nearby. Tanks should be sited:

  • 1.8m away from non-fire rated eaves of a building
  • 1.8m away from a non-fire rated building or structure (e.g. garden sheds)
  • 1.8m away from openings (such as doors or windows) in a fire rated building or structure (e.g. brick built house/garage)
  • 1.8m away from oil fired appliance flue terminals
  • 760mm away from a non-fire rated boundary such as a wooden boundary fence
  • 600mm away from screening (e.g. trellis and foliage) that does not form part of the boundary

If it is impossible to comply with these requirements, then a fire protection barrier with at least 30 minutes fire rating should be installed, please call us for more details. A minimum separation distance of 100mm is required between the tank and fire-rated barrier.

Tank base and support - OFTEC guidelines

The need to provide a suitable base and support for your oil tank is of paramount importance for reasons of both safety and environmental protection. The base should be:

  • Adequate for the weight of the tank
  • Non-combustible, imperforate and level
  • Constructed of concrete, paving stones or stonework
  • Large enough to extend 300mm beyond all sides of the tank

If an oil storage tank is not adequately supported, the tank itself can be weakened leading to the eventual failure and escape of the stored fuel. During the life of an installation, an oil storage tank base will need to provide continual structural support, even though ground conditions may alter from season to season and year to year.

To comply with British Standards, the base material should be one of the following laid on a hardcore base to give an imperforate base:

  • Concrete at least 100mm thick
  • Paving stones at least 50mm thick
  • Stonework at least 50mm thick

The overall size of the base should be larger than the oil storage tank and any integral oil storage tank bund, so that when the oil storage tank is installed, the base has a clear projection of a minimum of 300mm around all sides of the oil storage tank.